Behold my Miracle

Behold my Miracle
Behold my Miracle

Fred Carter (1911 - 1992, Clintwood, Virginia),
Walnut sculpture
(55" x 20"), c.1980

I was back, at Easter (1980), in the mountains, and a fellow was sawing up firewood. Now this was part of a walnut log... cut down 40 or 50 years ago... There was a limb going up through here about 10 feet long... I said, “Don’t cut that up for wood... I see something in this that I want to make... I see a pregnant woman... So I brought it home and began to look at it... the wood began to talk to me and tell me what it is...
So I will probably call this Behold My Miracle. That’s what the mother is saying,... “Behold me in the greatest moment of the miracle. 

Fred Carter, from 1985 interview.

(Photograph courtesy of Gerald and Denise Gray)


Born in Duffield, VA., on the North Fork of the Clinch River, in 1911. In 1938 he moved to Clintwood, in the coal fields of far southwestern Virginia, to run his uncle's hardware store.

Fred Carter was the master of what artist, film-maker and writer Jack Wright (see reference below) has called "Appalachian Art Brut". A largely self-taught artist, Fred Carter did not turn to the wood sculpture for which he is known until he was in his fifties.

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