Cheias Nascimento da Rosita (Flood- Birth of Rosita)

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Dino (Cabordino Mustafa Jetha) - Mozambique
Dino (Cabordino Mustafa Jetha) - Mozambique
Dino (Cabordino Mustafa Jetha) - Mozambique
Dino (Cabordino Mustafa Jetha) - Mozambique
Dino (Cabordino Mustafa Jetha) - Mozambique
Sophia Tedro proudly displays her newborn baby Rositha in the Shibuto hospital 200 kms north of the capital Maputo. Sophia and her baby made headlines after she gave birth to Rositha while she was trapped in a tree and both were rescued by helicopter. Courtesy of Guardian UK, March, 2000. Photo: AP
SKU: DNO0903

c. 2008,2014
Carved wood sculpture, painted.
(9 1/2" h. x 9 1/2" w. x 9" d.).
Exact design may vary.
See photos and story above!

Dino in 2014. (Photograph © Anthony Hart Fisher)

The trademark folk art form of Santo Damásio in Mozambique is Psikelekedana, a type of softwood carving made from the wood of the cashew nut tree. Dino (Camordino Mustafá Jetha) began to learn to carve at the age of 18 from an elderly neighbor who was a master of the craft. Dino learned to join the figures to a base in order to create scenes of daily life, and customs and traditions such as weddings, and Chiguiana, the after-wedding ceremony for receiving gifts.