Comante Ernesto Che Guevara El Guerillero Heroico

Comante Ernesto Che Guevara El Guerillero Heroico
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Abel Perez Mainegra (Trinidad, Cuba)
Tempera on paper (14x12), 10/3/1999

Abel Perez Mainegra (with daughter) and painting of George Bush. Trinidad, November, 2003.

Abel Perez Mainegra lived in the colonial city of Trinidad, Cuba. He was born in a nearby town of Condado in about 1929. He said that his father was French, from the border region between France and Spain. In 1986 Abel was working as a photographic technician for a restoration team. “One day I saw a rustic little house with its thatched roof made of palm leaves, which impressed me very much. I decided to draw it and I made a good impression with my drawing. From that time forth… I devoted myself to painting.”

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