Diable Lesifer

Diable Lesifer
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 (Jacmel, Haiti)
Papier Maché (41" h. x 15" w. x 5" d.)
c. 1990

Michel Sinvil

Born in Jacmel in 1949, Michel Sinvil and his family moved to Port-au-Prince when the artist was a child.  He first earned his living as an auto mechanic and a tap-tap driver.  He engaged in Carnival as a mask-maker.  He owes his initial recognition as an artist to this folk tradition.  Carnival re-enacts traditional masquerades and also provides opportunities for creative spirits to invent new characters and costumes.  Sinvil came to the attention of Pierre Monosiet in 1975.  Sinvil embarked on his new career as an artist.  

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