Africa Imprint: Art from Africa and the Diaspora

February 14, 2013 to April 6, 2013

Indigo Arts presents a selection of artwork from African and the African diaspora. The exhibition includes paintings, prints and sculpture by artists from Brazil, Botswana, Cuba, Haiti, Kenya, Nigeria and Tanzania. The exhibit reflects both the diversity of work from the African continent and the rich trans-Atlantic tradition of African descendants in the New World. Featured artists include Xhose Noxo of Botswana, Jose Borges of Brazil, Alejandro Lazo, Manuel Mendive and José Montebravo of Cuba, Gerard, Payas, Prospere Pierre-Louis and Louisiane Saint-Fleurant of Haiti, Cartoon Joseph and George Thairu of Kenya, Yinka Adeyemi and Twins Seven-Seven of Nigeria, and Mohamed Charinda and George Lilanga of Tanzania.

Yinka Adeyemi (1941 -), Oshogbo, Nigeria
SKU: Adey-11

Glass beads on plywood
(24" h x 24"w)


Prospere Pierre-Louis (Port-au-Prince, Haiti, 1947 - 1996)
Acrylic on canvas (24" x 24"), 1995
With custom framing.

$2500 Framed
David Osevwe, Oshogbo, Nigeria
SKU: Osev-1

Glass beads on plywood, w/ frame
(13" h x 25"w)

David Osevwe, Oshogbo, Nigeria
SKU: Osev-3

Glass beads on plywood
(23 3/4" h x 12"w)

The Osun Grove
SKU: Adey-9

Batik on paper
(23 1/2" h. x 17 1/2"w.)

$850 framed
SKU: MS/D1301

Sequins and beads on fabric
(42 x 32 1/2) c.2013

$ 850
Diablito #2 Javier Gonzalez Gallosa
SKU: Gallosa-2

Javier Gonzalez Gallosa (Cienfuegos, Cuba),
Acrylic on Canvas (24 x 20), 2003

$ 850 framed
Tilling the Soil
SKU: Tinga26

Oil enamel on canvas (30" x 35 1/2") (76cm x 90cm)

SKU: BS-384

by Romain, Togo, c.2005
Oil paint on plywood with wood frame - two hinged panels (51 1/2" x 23")

SKU: MD1201

Sequins and beads on fabric
(22" x 19 1/2"), c.2011

This flag is extremely densely beaded and sequinned (and thus extremely heavy), in the manner of the artists Constant and Simeon.

$ 575
COIFFURE REMEMBER - Hair Sign (Panel 2)
SKU: BS-387

By Americano, c.2000.  One panel of hinged two-panel sign.
Oil paint on plywood (47" x 24" x 1").

Arnaldo Garcia Rodriguez
SKU: Garcia-2

Arnaldo Garcia Rodriguez
(Cienfuegos, Cuba),
Crayon on Paper (18 x 14), 1997

$495 (framed)
Mother's Love
SKU: AOY-1501

Oshogbo, Nigeria,  2014
Ink batik on rice paper.
25 1/4" x 17 1/2"


The Seated Birds
SKU: AOY-1502

Oshogbo, Nigeria, 2012
Ink batik on rice paper.
23" x 17 1/4"

The Beauty in Me II
SKU: AOY-1503

Oshogbo, Nigeria,  2015
Ink batik on rice paper.
25 1/4" x 17 1/2"