African Vessels

March 11, 2010 to May 8, 2010

Traditional Ceramic Vessels from Africa. Works from Burkina Faso, Mali, Nigeria, and South Africa, by Bamana, Bozo, Lobi, Nupe and Zulu artists.

African Vessels is an independent exhibition in support of NCECA 2010, the 44th National Council on Education in the Ceramic Arts conference, coordinated by the Clay Studio.

Bozo Vessel
SKU: APot-8

(23 1/4"h. x 16 3/4" diameter)

Dogon vessel
SKU: APot-2

(22"h. x 15" diameter)

Nupe Water Vessel with Handles
SKU: APot-7

(11 1/2"h. x 15" diameter)

Lobi Decorated Jar
SKU: APot-4

Lobi or Lobo-Dagari people (Burkina Faso),
(6 1/2" h. x 5 1/2" diameter)

Beer Pot with sgraffito decoration
SKU: APot-5

(6 1/2" h. x 7 1/2" diameter), c.1990


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