African Visions: Sculpture, Textiles, Paintings and West African Hairdresser Signs

November 5, 2004 to January 30, 2005

Philadelphia, PA - Indigo Arts Gallery in Old City demonstrates the many different expressions of African creativity with the exhibition African Visions, opening on November 5th. Like the ambitious exhibit currently at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, African Art, African Voices, the show includes work of many media and styles. Indigo Arts draws on its own extensive collection of traditional African art, collected over the last 36 years, as well as the work of contemporary African artists. Founded in 1986, Indigo is Philadelphia’s oldest established gallery for African Art.
The exhibit includes a variety of masks, sculpture and furniture from west and central Africa, ceramics from Nigeria and Mali, basketry from the Zulu of South Africa. There are raffia-cloth ceremonial skirts from the Kuba of Zaire, strip-woven kente fabrics of the Ashanti and Ewe of Ghana and ashoke cloth from the Yoruba of Nigeria. The bogolanfini “mudcloth” by Mali’s greatest living master of the art, Nakunte Diarra. Also featured are more contemporary folk arts such as hairdressers’ and barber-shop signboards from Ghana, Mali, Cote d’Ivoire and other countries in West Africa, and baskets, toys and other objects made from recycled tin cans and telephone wire.

Indigo Arts also exhibits work by some of Nigeria’s leading contemporary artists of the last forty years, notably the flamboyant painter and musician, Twins Seven-Seven (b. 1945). Prince Twins Seven-Seven was one of the original artists of the famed Oshogbo School (named for the city of that name), which arose in the newly independent Nigeria of the early 1960’s. Seven-Seven rapidly achieved international fame, with major exhibitions in Europe, Japan and Australia as well as the United States, and his work is now in museum and private collections around the world. Twins Seven-Seven's autobiography, a Dreaming Life, edited by Ulli Beier, was published in 1999 by Bayreuth African Studies, Bayreuth, Germany.
We are fortunate that today he lives in the Philadelphia area. One of Twins Seven-Seven’s paintings is featured in the Philadelphia Musem of Art show, African Art, African Voices, and he was interviewed in a recent Channel 10 (Philadelphia) television special.
Father and son artists Yinka and Kola Adeyemi, Adeniji Adeyemi, Isaac Akindele, Prince Layi Orogun Ademoinore the late Rufus Ogundele and Asiru Olatunde also came out of the Oshogbo art movement.

Five-panelled Ndebele Jocolo beaded apron

Worn by bride on wedding day.
Ndebele People - South Africa, mid-20th century.
Sheepskin, Glass beads on canvas backing (22 1/2" h. x 18 1/2" w. x 3/4" d.).

Ijo Ivri Personal Shrine Figure
SKU: afs-31

mid-20th century
Wood with oil-based paint
(27 1/2" h. x 10" w. x 6 3/4" d.)

Ifa Divination Tray - Yoruba
SKU: afs-069

mid-20th century.
Wood with organic & mineral pigments.
(16 1/4" d. x 1 1/4" d.)

Dogon Man with Hoe
SKU: afs-072

mid-20th century
Wood with organic/mineral patina
(33 1/2" h. x 6 1/4" w. x 7" d.)

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Ikenga Figure Igbo
SKU: afs-02

mid-20th century
wood with remnants of white and green pigment (25"h. x 6"w. x 7" d.)

$1,200 (w custom stand)
Fang Reliquary Head
SKU: afs-23

mid 20th century
Wood with mineral pigments, nails, brass additions
(14 1/2" h. x 7 1/2" w. x 7" d.)

Seated Bamana Female Figure
SKU: afs-10

20th century
wood with mineral pigments, organic encrustation
(27" h. x 6 1/2" w. x 6 1/2" d.)

Ibeji Twin Figures with cowrie jacket
SKU: afs-063

mid-20th century.
Figures wood with organic & mineral pigments. Jacket cotton fabric with cowrie shells.
(10 1/2" h. x 12 1/2" w. x 4" d. including the cowrie jacket)

Exhibited at Wheaton Arts and Cultural Center, Millville, New Jersey (July to December, 2016) for exhibit:  Sankofa.

Ghanaian Otter Coffin
SKU: afs-067

Wood, painted with metal hardware,
(27" h. x 27" w. x 69" d.)

Makonde Face and Body Mask
SKU: afm-102

wood w/ mineral pigments
(19" h. x 8 1/4" w. x 5" d.)

Kuba Dance Skirt
SKU: KS-104

Raffia dance skirt (20th cent.)
Hand-woven raffia cloth with hand-sewn raffia cloth applique.  Natural dyes.  Seven panels.
(182" l. x 27" w.). 
Ex. collection of Mary Sue and Paul Peter Rosen.

SKU: BS-384

by Romain, Togo, c.2005
Oil paint on plywood with wood frame - two hinged panels (51 1/2" x 23")

Paris - Dakar Two-sided Hairdresser's Sign
SKU: bs-305

By Joel Adjame - Ivory Coast
Oil paint on plywood (22 1/2" x 48")
c. 1990

Kran Judgement Mask
SKU: afm03

Kran people, Liberia
wood, earth, animal skin and hair (9" h.)

Kuba Dancing Skirt
SKU: KS-101

Old raffia dance skirt (early to mid-20th cent.)
Hand-woven raffia cloth with open work, cowrie shells and raffia balls on the border.  Natural dyes. Six panels.
(139"l. x 30"w.). 
Ex. collection of Mary Sue and Paul Peter Rosen.