Closing the Circle: A Selection of African Baskets

October 8, 2017 to December 31, 2017

Closing the Circle celebrates the range of contemporary African basketry with examples from several different African traditions: 

Raffia-palm baskets from the Okavango region of Botswana and Namibia;
Swazi baskets woven from sisal fibers in Swaziland;
Samburu beaded baskets from Kenya;
Tonga and Nambya ilala palm baskets from artists in Zimbabwe;
Zulu Imbenge baskets made from recycled telephone wire in South Africa;
Rwandan sisal and sweet-grass food baskets and traditional lidded Peace baskets woven of bamboo and raffia fibers by cooperatives of genocide survivors.



Tea Blossom pattern basket - Small
SKU: RWB-018s

by various artists, of Zamuka "Women Progress" Association, Rugendabari, Muhanga District, Rwanda
Natural dyed tea and black sisal fiber.
(7"diam. x 2 1/4" h.)

Diamond Burst pattern basket - Tea with tea border - Small
SKU: RWB-019s

by various artists , of Dateraninkunga "Lets Help each other" Association, Ruhango District, Rwanda
Natural dyed tea and black sisal fiber.
(7 1/4"diam. x 1 3/4" h.)

Star-pattern baskets (wine on tea) - Small
SKU: RWB-020s

by various artists , of Abihuje "People who Are together" Association, Kamonyi District, Rwanda
Natural dyed tea and wine-colored sisal fiber.
(7 1/4"diam. x 2" h.)

Samburu Beaded Bowls - Medium/Small
SKU: smb-med-sml

Glass beads and recycled copper and steel wire.
Baskets available in assorted colors and patterns.  Approximate sizes.

5 1/4 " diam. x 1 1/2" h.

Small Navy/White Hope" Basket
SKU: RWB-031

Natural dyed sisal and sweet grass fiber.
(7 1/4" diam. x 2 1/4" h.)

Nambya Basket

By Maseline Sibanda Bakasuko, Nambya People, Zimbabwe.
Illala palm, grasses and split bamboo with natural plant dyes.
(14"diam. x 3 1/2" h.)

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 Imbenge Zulu Telephone Wire Basket (bowl shape)
SKU: ZWB-634

Recycled telephone wire (7 3/4"w. x 3 1/4" h.)

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