La Gata en Busca de Amor

La Gata en Busca de Amor
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Abel Perez Mainegra (Trinidad, Cuba)
Tempera on paper (13x10), 1999

Abel Perez Mainegra (with daughter) and painting of George Bush. Trinidad, November, 2003.

Abel Perez Mainegra lived in the colonial city of Trinidad, Cuba. He was born in a nearby town of Condado in about 1929. He said that his father was French, from the border region between France and Spain. In 1986 Abel was working as a photographic technician for a restoration team. “One day I saw a rustic little house with its thatched roof made of palm leaves, which impressed me very much. I decided to draw it and I made a good impression with my drawing. From that time forth… I devoted myself to painting.”

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