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Prospere Pierre-Louis (Port-au-Prince, Haiti, 1947 - 1996)
Oil on canvas (10" x 8 1/2"), 1991 Framed

Prospere Pierre-Louis (1947–1996), was a Haitian artist, painter; and one of the main contributors to the local school of the Saint Soleil art movement. His paintings depicting mystical Vodou Loas and spirits are especially noteworthy. Pierre-Louis was born on October 12, 1947, in Bainet, near Jacmel, Haiti. He did not have any formal schooling, but taught himself to play the drums and the violin. As a child he assisted his father, a houngan, in preparing Haitian Vodou ceremonies. At the age of 16 he moved to Port-au-Prince. There he took a number of odd jobs.

$ 1,080
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