Noah's Ark - Sculpture/Ornament

Noah's Ark - Sculpture/Ornament

Javier Gonzalez (Aza, Huancayo, Peru), 2006
Painted carved maguey wood sculpture .
(3 3/4" h. x 1 3/4" w. x 4 1/2" d.)

Javier Gonzalez in Santa Fe, 2004 (photo by Anthony Fisher)

"Pedro and Javier Gonzalez credit their paternal grandfather, Don Pedro Abilio Gonzalez Flores, for their success. In teaching his grandsons the art of making imagineria, the elder Gonzalez shared his love of the Peruvian heritage. For more than four decades, the Gonzalez brothers have been working alongside their grandfather in a workshop beside a creek near an ancient road in the village of Aza, in the central Andes."

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