Shipibo Cloth

Shipibo Cloth (#SHPC-20)
Shipibo Cloth (#SHPC-20)

Cotton fabric with natural dyes and hand-drawn design
(14 1/4" h.. x 13 1/4" w.)

     The Shipibo-Conibo are an indigenous people (currently numbering only about 20,000) who live along the Ucayali river in the Amazon basin east of the Andes.  Though an increasing portion of the Shipibo population have become urbanized in settlements such as Pucallpa, their traditions remain strong.   They are expressed in their shamanistic religion and in their visionary arts – notably in the patterns that the Shipibo women paint on their pottery, clothing, textiles and their bodies.  The ethnologist Angelika Gebhart-Sayer terms their art “visual music”.

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