José Benitez Sanchez

Journey of Knowledge in the First World
SKU: JBS-1602

Comunidad Indigena de Zitakua, Nayarit, Mexico, c. 1995
Yarn pressed into beeswax on plywood, with wood frame
(Round, 48" x 48" , 122cm x 122cm).  Framed dimensions:  50" x 50".  

Provenance:  Current owner purchased c.1995 from First Peoples Gallery in Silverthorne, Colorado.

The text written on the back of the painting has been loosely translated as follows:
"The Gods insure us in this world of the beginning that we must first understand the first world and the journey in the first world before entering the next three worlds. The Sacred Deer will lead the Shamans on their visionary pathway to teach and gain knowledge.  On this journey of learning, the Gods and the Shamans will teach us the meaning of Knowledge and will show us the door to enter the next world.  In this first world represented by this round painting using the colors of symbology and the signs to teach the viewer that the journey starts and ends with the Sacred Deer and the Guides and Shamans teaching us, as we travel on this mountainous journey.  The Scorpion helps the Shaman to repel evil and bad luck that may come his way during this journey.  On this journey the Gods teach power, visions, enlightenment to the people."

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