Ayida Wedo (Lady of the Serpents)
SKU: MD-1102

Sequins and beads on fabric
(39 1/2" x 53"), c.2010

This flag is extremely densely beaded and sequinned (and thus extremely heavy), in the manner of the artists Constant and Simeon.

$ 3,200
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Prospere Pierre-Louis (Port-au-Prince, Haiti, 1947 - 1996)

Oil on canvas (30" x 24"), 1986
Provenance: Acquired by current owner directly from the artist in 1986.

$ 2,800 framed
SKU: YT/D1201

Sequins and beads on fabric (41" x 33"), 2000

Ex. collection of the late Marilyn Houlberg.

$ 975
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Cresencio Perez Robles

Vintage Huichol yarn painting by
Cresencio Perez Robles
Nayarit, Mexico, c. 1970's
Yarn pressed into beeswax on plywood
(24" x 24")

This 24 X 24 yarn painting is by master artist Cresencio Perez Robles. Perez's work was included in book Art of the Huichol Indians, which accompanied an exhibition of Huichol Indian Art, organized by the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco. The exhibition traveled from San Francisco in 1978 to Chicago and New York. It was this show and the accompanying catalogue that first introduced Huichol yarn painting to the general public.
Cresencio Perez Robles work was also featured in the exhibit Living Traditions Mexican Popular Arts in 1992 at the University Art Museum at Albany State University of New York and the accompanying book of the same title.
This picture was made in the 1970's of wool yarn pressed onto wax spread on a wooden board. Today yarn paintings are made of acrylic yarn. On the back the artist wrote the meaning of the piece in both Huichol and in Spanish and it is signed by the artist.


Linocut, (image size 31" x 16 1/4")
#17/50, 1994

$775 framed
Steven (Said A.) Mkumba
SKU: Tinga-84

Steven (Said A.) Mkumba (b. 1963) - Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania
February, 2013
Oil enamel on canvas (27 1/2" h x 39 3/8"w) (70cm x 100cm)

Mario Romero
SKU: MR-1018

Aquatint (19 3/8" x 15 1/2")
#76/100, n. d.

Fernando Olivera
SKU: FOl-20

Aquatint (7 3/4 x 5 1/2)
#4/30, 1996

Angel Llopiz Martinez (Mella, Cuba)
SKU: ALM1501

Oil on Canvas
(13 1/2" x 16 1/4")

Rajendra Shyam Kumar
SKU: Gond-14

Acrylic on paper
(10" h. x 14" w. )

$320 framed
Abraão Batista

Abraão Batista (Juareiro do Norte, Ceara, Brazil)
Woodcut print on paper (18 1/2 x 27), #13/50, no date

Abraão Batista

Abraão Batista (Juareiro do Norte, Ceara, Brazil)
Woodcut print on paper (13 x 21), #5/50, 1985

Dubu Bariya
SKU: Bhil-5

Dubu Bariya - Patangarh, Madhya Pradesh State, India
Acrylic on paper
(11" h. x 14" w. )

Gecko - Huichol Beaded Sculpture

Carved wood sculpture, covered with beads set in beeswax
12" long, x 4" wide x 1" high
Nayarit, Mexico, c. 1997.

The Snake Goddess Manasa

Montu Chitrakar - West Bengal, India
Late 20th cent.
Water-based paint on paper
(15" h. x 11" w. )

SKU: hcs-11

Huichol people, Nayarit, Mexico, c. 2006
Beads pressed into beeswax on wood sculpture
(2 3/4" w. x 13 3/4" l. x 5/8" h.)
Designs will vary


José Francisco Borges
SKU: JFB-113

José Francisco Borges (Brazil),
Woodcut print on paper (19 3/4 x 14), 2006

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José Francisco Borges

José Francisco Borges (Brazil),
Woodcut print on paper (19 x 12), 2005


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Turtle Spirit Raffia basket
SKU: rwb-10

Natural dyed black and natural raffia wrapped around bundled sweetgrass
(13 3/4"diam. x 3 1/2" h.)

$95 each
Damballa (green)" Vodou Bottle
SKU: btl-10

Signed "Julio" - Port-au-Prince
Fabric, beads, sequins on glass bottle
(11 1/4" h. x 3 1/2" w.) c.2013

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