About Indigo Arts

Fisher family in Southern Ethiopia,1958. Photo by Ralph Fisher


Ralph Hart Fisher and family. Ethiopia, 1958.  Photo by Ralph Fisher

I N D I G O was founded in 1986 by Tony Fisher and the late Deborah (Devi) Cholet. They wanted Indigo to be a place to share their enthusiasm for folk art and offer the treasures they had found in their travels to the public.

They brought to Indigo not only an eye for design but their lifetimes of travel, collecting and study of the arts of other cultures.

Devi Cholet had collected folk art since she was a child in rural Pennsylvania. Trained in Fine Arts and Interior Design, she had combined her talents in the design of jewelry since 1983.

Anthony Fisher grew up in Africa and after college returned to work as a volunteer for Catholic Relief Services in Lesotho. He studied African art and history at Yale and received a master's degree in architecture from the University of Pennnsylvania.

Tony relocated the Indigo Arts Gallery and the indigoarts.com website to the Crane Arts Building, in the growing arts district in the Northern Liberties/South Kensington area of Philadephia.