Over the last year the Indigo Arts website has remained active despite the widespread shutdowns due to the COVID-19 virus.   Under current rules I have been able to resume operations but must limit visitors to the gallery, by appointment only.   I am able to pack and ship most orders within a few days.   Shipping times have increased during this period.  

Note:  USPS has been so slow that we still recommend avoiding it entirely, at least for the present.  Parcels sent by 2 or 3 Day Priority Mail can take 2 to 4 weeks to arrive.
Please stay safe in these difficult times.  
We wish you all a healthier, saner and more civil 2021.


Zebras and Hornbills

Szyd - Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania (member of Tinga Tinga Arts Cooperative Society).
Oil enamel on canvas (18" x 18") (45cm x 45cm).

SKU: TT-1130
10% off

$195 $175.50

Herencia de Dios, y Herencia de Hombre - José Ignacio Fletes Cruz

José Ignacio Fletes Cruz (Leon, Nicaragua)
Acrylic on canvas (20 x 16), 2011

20% off

$650 $520

José Ignacio Fletes Cruz - Las Garzas en los Arboles

José Ignacio Fletes Cruz (Leon, Nicaragua)
Oilon canvas (16 x 20), 2008

10% off

$675 $607.50

Market Day

Pierre-Joseph Valcin (Port-au-Prince, Haiti)
Oil on Canvas (20" x 24"), c.1995

SKU: PJV-0301
10% off

$1,200 $1,080

Jorge Rivera Bernal

Oil & acrylic on Canvas
(24 x 30), 2000

SKU: JRB-0103
10% off

$575 $517.50

Canales Cruzados

Oil & acrylic on Canvas, Framed
(24 x 25), 2000

Price includes frame

SKU: JRB-0102
10% off

$675 $607.50

Gerard Fortuné - Woman in Red

Gerard Fortuné (Port-au-Prince, Haiti)
Oil on canvas (30x24), 1995.  Canvas unstretched.  Will ship rolled.

SKU: GF-9511
40% off

$550 $330

Rice Harvest Michaelle Obin

Michaelle Obin (Cap Haitien, Haiti)
Oil on canvas (24 x 30), c.1980's

Condition: Unstretched canvas. Minor soiling of canvas.

SKU: MIO-1201
40% off

$900 $540

Michaelle Obin Cotton Harvest

Michaelle Obin (Cap Haitien, Haiti)
Oil on canvas (30 x 40), c.1980's

Condition note: Unstretched canvas. Some soiling and wrinkling at edges of canvas, but both should be remedied with re-stretching and cleaning.  Sold "as-is".

SKU: MIO-1202
40% off

$850 $510

José Ignacio Fletes Cruz

Oil on canvas
(16 x 20), 2014

SKU: FC-1405
40% off

$700 $420

José Ignacio Fletes Cruz

José Ignacio Fletes Cruz (Leon, Nicaragua)
Oil on canvas (16 x 20), 2014

SKU: JFC-1406
40% off

$700 $420

Recycled Plastic Bag Chickens (large)

Recycled plastic bags & wire
Assorted colors.
(approx. 10"l. x 12" h.).

Note: These are the last we have of these and are somewhat shop-worn, hence the 40% discount.

SKU: BagBird-lg
40% off

$32 $19.20

Ronald Shander Burman (New York, NY, USA)

Ronald Shander Burman (New York, NY, USA)
Acrylic paint on plywood, recycled telephone wire, paper, mixed media
(32 1/2" x 22 1/2"), dated "Summer 1990"

30% off

$1200 $840

Ibibio Sickness Mask

Igbo people, Nigeria
wood w/ mineral pigments
(10" h. x 6 1/4" w. x 4 1/4" d.)

Price includes stand

SKU: afm93
30% off

$750 $525

Chair by the Door

Oil on masonite (30 x 20)

c. 1970 (in wood frame).  
From private collection.

SKU: JEG-1401
30% off

$6500 $4550

Igbo Buffalo Mask

Includes stand

30% off

$900 $630

Two Parrots

Two Parrots
Cassandro Leonidas (Cap Haitien, Haiti)
Oil on canvas (24 x 30), 2010.  Painting is on unstretched canvas and will be shipped rolled.

SKU: CLE-1203
30% off

$450 $315

Woman with Cross

Acrylic on canvas
(30 x 30), c.1995 (framed)

25% off

$ 1,200 $900

Ezili Balyan - Vodou Flag

Sequins and beads on fabric
(27” x 23”), c.2005
This flag is being sold by Judy Hoffman for the benefit of the Art Creation Foundation for Children, which she founded in Jacmel, Haiti.

SKU: ANN-1615
25% off

$275 $206.25


Huichol people, Nayarit, Mexico, c. 2006
Beads pressed into beeswax on wood sculpture
(2 1/4" w. x 8 1/4" d. x 4" h.)
Designs will vary

SKU: hcs-05
25% off

$138 $103.50