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We hope you enjoy exploring our galleries. Indigo Arts celebrates color, texture, and the boundless creativity of the human spirit, with a collection of art and artifacts from Africa, Asia and the Americas.

Our inventory includes antiques and one-of-a-kind artifacts of traditional cultures as well as the finest examples of contemporary and folk arts. We endeavor to purchase directly from the artists whenever possible and to buy from cooperatives and arts organizations which return the maximum amount to the artists themselves.


Happy Thanksgiving and a Peaceful Holiday Season!

November 27, 2019 to December 31, 2019


Thanksgiving is a time to get together,

share food and drink

and give thanks...

and maybe party a little.


At Indigo Arts the gallery and website are packed with newly acquired artwork for the holidays and for your collection.

Some recent arrivals include:

Vintage works from Dieuseul Paul of Haiti's St. Soleil movement.

Meticulously created trucks and Jeeps by self-taught artist Leandro Gomez Quintero of Baracoa, Cuba (read about him in an August story in the NY Times).

A collection of drawings by the late Kenyan naif artist Kamante Gatura, perhaps better known as the young cook in Isak Dinesen's Out of Africa.

A new group of Huichol Indian yarn paintings by Hilaria Chavez Carrillo and others in Mexico and a 2004 work by the late Nigerian (& part-time Philadelphian) master Prince Twins Seven-Seven.

In October I was honored with a visit by Max Jimenez from the renowned Peruvian family workshop of Claudio Jimenez Quispé.  Max brought a new shipment of Peruvian retablossculptures and ornaments of many kinds.  

Santa's workshop is already open!

Happy Thanksgiving.

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Featured Items

The Animal Kingdom #6
Toyin Folorunso, Oshogbo School Artists of Nigeria
Beaded Porcupine from Capetown
Women of the MonkeyBiz Project

Just Arrived!

"Calavera con Flores" - retablo figure
Claudio Jimenez Quispé
Posted: 3 days 7 hours ago

"Sandias del Muerte" (Watermelons of Death) - retablo figure
Claudio Jimenez Quispé
Posted: 3 days 8 hours ago

"Eres El Amor de Mi Vida" (you are the love of my life) Retablo heart ornament
Claudio Jimenez Quispé
Posted: 3 days 8 hours ago

"Mi Dulce Amor" (My Sweet Love) Retablo Heart Ornament
Claudio Jimenez Quispé
Posted: 3 days 8 hours ago