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W E L C O M E to Indigo Arts.

We hope you enjoy exploring our galleries. Indigo Arts celebrates color, texture, and the boundless creativity of the human spirit, with a collection of art and artifacts from Africa, Asia and the Americas.

Our inventory includes antiques and one-of-a-kind artifacts of traditional cultures as well as the finest examples of contemporary and folk arts. We endeavor to purchase directly from the artists whenever possible and to buy from cooperatives and arts organizations which return the maximum amount to the artists themselves.


Featured Items

Dowry - Escape to Freedom
Pushpa Kumari

Price on Request

Mariachi Band
Josefina Aguilar Alcantara

$475/set of four

Untitled (Five Spirits)
Guyodo (Frantz Jacques)

Price on Request

Just Arrived!

Woman with White Bird
Josefina Aguilar Alcantara
Posted: 27 min 16 sec ago

Woman in White Traje and Rebozo
Josefina Aguilar Alcantara
Posted: 30 min 47 sec ago

Woman with a Watermelon
Josefina Aguilar Alcantara
Posted: 36 min 6 sec ago

Portrait of a Woman (Virgin Mary/Erzulie)
Gérard Fortuné
Posted: 3 days 3 hours ago