Animals in Moonlight
SKU: DDale-3

Limited edition, #23/30, c.1973
Deep cut etching on paper
(15" h. x 25 1/4"w.)


Bossou Antique Vodou Banner

Sequins and beads on fabric
(32" x 39"), c. 1980.
Note:  Artworks from this collection generally must be shipped from the collection rather than directly from our gallery.  Please allow a few more days for shipment to your location.

$ 1,600

Animals in Political Conference
SKU: T77-0409

Ink, watercolor & acrylic on paper
(24" h x 18"w).


Antelope Rod-Puppet Sogo performance, Bozo people
SKU: afs-081

with Articulated Figure on Crown
Used in Sogo performance, Bozo people, Mali, late-20th century
Wood with oil enamel, steel nails, string, fabric.
(38.5" h. x 15" w. x 38" d.).
A very similar puppet, also from the Rosen Collection, is shown on page of 353 of the Rosens' book The Colorful Sogo Bo Puppets of Mali.


Gurunsi Hyena Mask
SKU: afm55

Gurunsi people, Burkina Faso
Wood with red, black, white oil paint
(15"h x 9"w. x 11 1/2" d.)


Cresencio Perez Robles

Vintage Huichol yarn painting c. 1970's
Yarn pressed into beeswax on plywood
(24" x 24")

This 24 X 24 yarn painting is by master artist Cresencio Perez Robles. Perez's work was included in book Art of the Huichol Indians, which accompanied an exhibition of Huichol Indian Art, organized by the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco. The exhibition traveled from San Francisco in 1978 to Chicago and New York. It was this show and the accompanying catalogue that first introduced Huichol yarn painting to the general public.
Cresencio Perez Robles work was also featured in the exhibit Living Traditions Mexican Popular Arts in 1992 at the University Art Museum at Albany State University of New York and the accompanying book of the same title.
This picture was made in the 1970's of wool yarn pressed onto wax spread on a wooden board. Today yarn paintings are made of acrylic yarn. On the back the artist wrote the meaning of the piece in both Huichol and in Spanish and it is signed by the artist.


Steven (Said A.) Mkumba
SKU: Tinga-84

Steven (Said A.) Mkumba (b. 1963) - Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania
February, 2013
Oil enamel on canvas (27 1/2" h x 39 3/8"w) (70cm x 100cm)


Deer and Bird -Anuj Tekam
SKU: Gond-13

Anuj Tekam - Patangarh, Madhya Pradesh State, India
Acrylic on canvas
(17" h. x 21" w. )

$750 framed

"Rabbit" Yoruba Gelede Mask

Yoruba, Nigeria, mid-20th century
Wood with red, black, white oil paint, with remnants of red fabric costume (11"h x 7"w).  
Mounted on custom stand.

$650 (incl. custom stand)

Igbo Buffalo Mask

Includes stand

$900 $630

Bamana Ngozunkhun Headdress - female

Headdress in form of antelope head surmounting female pangolin - companion piece to male headdress, #AFM-68.  
Wood w/ organic and mineral pigments, woven basket, cotton fiber, glass beads, cowrie shells.
(15 1/2” h. x 8” w. x 21 1/2” d. ).

$675 $607.50

Anil Bariya - Antelope with Three Birds
SKU: ANB-1211

Anil Bariya - Patangarh, Madhya Pradesh State, India
Acrylic on canvas
(27" h. x 37" w. )

$750 $600

Noah's Ark

Alexis Ngom (b. 1957 in Fao, Dept. of Mbour, Senegal) - Dakar, Senegal
Reverse-painting on glass (9 1/2" h x 13"w.)


Bhuri Bai
SKU: Bhil4

Bhuri Bai - Pitol, Jhabua, Madhya Pradesh State, India
Acrylic on paper
(22" h. x 14" w. )


$550 framed

Herencia de Dios, y Herencia de Hombre - José Ignacio Fletes Cruz

José Ignacio Fletes Cruz (Leon, Nicaragua)
Acrylic on canvas (20 x 16), 2011

$650 $520

Animal Spirits
SKU: RNS-1802

Richard Nesly (Soisson la Montagne, Haiti),  2018.
Oil on canvas (16 x 16).


Bear - Huichol Beaded Sculpture

Carved wood sculpture, covered with beads set in beeswax.
5 1/2" h. x 3" w. x 9" l.
Nayarit, Mexico, purchased 1996.


Bush Hospital
SKU: Tinga46

Oil enamel on canvas (23" h x 31"w, 60cm x 80cm).


Torito Mask (#gtm008)
SKU: gtm008

Guatemala, 20th cent.
Wood painted with oil paints
10 1/4" w. x 7 1/2" d. x 8 1/4" h.)


Green Springbok
SKU: QGK-1501

Qgam Khaxa (b. 1965, signs QGQM) - Khoisan people, Ghanzi, Botswana
Reduction linocut, #11/16, 2002
(11 1/4" h. x 17"w. image size on 19 3/4" x 22 1/2" sheet)

Born in the Ghanzi district, Qgam joined the Kuru Art Project in 1997. Through his art, he portrays a deep knowledge of the animals, the veld and the traditions of his people. He is a good traditional dancer and often takes part in dance ceremonies in the village. Along with the other Kuru artists, his work has been exhibited worldwide. He attended the Thapong International Artists workshop in Botswana in 1999 and found it a very enriching experience. He enjoyed working with different artists but seems not to have been influenced by their styles, which differs widely from his own.  (Bio courtesy of Kuru Art Project).