I will be out of town from July 11th to 20th.  The gallery will not be open but the website will be working away as usual.  Orders will be shipped after July 20th.  I will be checking email mesages and should be able to repy  to inquiries.

Indigo Arts has moved upstairs to a space on the fourth floor of the Crane Building.  I am still arranging things up here but I am open on a "by appointment or by chance" basis.  I am usually in the building from Wednesday through Saturday from 12 to 6, but it is definitely best to phone or email first. Meanwhile, the Indigo Arts online gallery is operating as usual.  
Please feel free to contact me with any questions in the mean time.

SKU: AZ0906

Sequins and beads on fabric (44" x 30"), 2009

This flag is extremely densely beaded and sequinned (and thus extremely heavy), in the manner of the artists Constant and Simeon

$ 2,200
Product Status: 
José Garcia Montebravo
SKU: JGM-128

Acrylic, ink and colored pencil on paper
(19 1/2" x 25 1/2"), Framed.

$1075 (framed)
Fernando Olivera
SKU: FEO-1021

Aquatint (17 1/4" x 14 5/8")
#26/40, 2008

$895 framed
José Garcia Montebravo
SKU: JGM-102

Acrylic, ink and colored pencil on paper
(19 1/2" x 25 1/2"), 2002

$ 850
Juicio Final (The Final Judgement) Retablo

Claudio Jimenez Quispé (Peru), 2016/2017
Painted plaster sculpture w/ wood, other materials in painted wood box.
(13 1/2" h. x 8" w. x 3" d.)

Note:  Due to their fragility we can no longer ship these retablos out of the U.S. except by special arrangement.  Custom art-handler packing and shipping required.  Please inquire for estimate.

José Garcia Montebravo

(Cienfuegos, Cuba),
Linocut on paper
(15" x 20"), #35/54, 2006

$675 framed
Fernando Olivera
SKU: FOl-37

Woodcut (12 1/2 x 15 1/4"), #14/30, P/A, 2005


$590 framed
Product Status: 

Sequins and beads on fabric (35 x 24), c.2001
Sold to benefit Haitian artists' Relief!

$ 550
Product Status: 
Escena Fantastica (X)
SKU: JGM-0113

Ink, acrylic on paper
(15" x 20"), 2000

Product Status: 
SKU: SJ0602

Recycled steel oil-drum
(23 1/2" d. ) c.2006

$ 475
Product Status: 
Two Angels
SKU: GBA-1701

Croix des Bouquets, Haiti
Recycled steel oil-drum (22"h. x 24"w.), c.1995
Purchased from the artist in 1995.

Product Status: 
José Garcia Montebravo

Linocut on paper
(14" x 20"), #P/A, 2006

Fernando Olivera - Mariposa (Butterfly)
SKU: FOl-61

Linocut (15" x 11" image on 25 1/2" x 19 1/2" image), #P/A, 6/30, 2009

Also available framed

$ 425
Fernando Olivera
SKU: FEO-0661

Back by popular demand! This image was originally printed by Fernando Olivera as an aquatint in an edition of thirty in 1995. It has been unavailable for twenty years. Working with the artist and Silicon Gallery Fine Art Prints, one of the most distinguished Fine Art digital printing studios, Indigo Arts Gallery is proud to issue a limited edition pigment print of "El Angel del Camino".

Digital pigment print
(Epson 9800 Ultrachrome K3 Pigment Print onSomerset Radiant white velvet enhanced watercolor paper)
Image size 12 1/2" x 19"
Edition of 100, signed and numbered by the artist, 2006

$ 400

Oil on canvas
(16 x 12), c.2000

$ 375
Product Status: 
Musica Sentimental de La Vida Cosmica
SKU: RVG-95142

(San Antonio, Texas)
Serigraph (30 x 22), #42,95,97/100 available, 1995

José Garcia Montebravo

Ink on paper
(8 1/2" x 11 3/4"), 2006

SKU: MRR1006

Recycled steel oil-drum
(34 1/2" h. x 12"w. ), c.2010

$ 295
SKU: MRR1401

Recycled steel oil-drum (23 1/2" d. )

$ 295
SKU: MRR1002

Recycled steel oil-drum
(23 1/2" d. ), c.2010

$ 275