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For the Birds

June 8, 2023 to August 31, 2023

The enforced confinement of the the “Covid years” seems to have driven a lot of us to birding.  As reluctant as I always am to be trendy, we seem to have joined the flock.  We are fortunate to live within walking distance of a vast park system and within east driving distance of many more places where birds gather.  We have also discovered we are surrounded by avid birders who can tell a Parula from a Prothonotary, and that they are overwhelmingly willing to share their knowledge.  So we upgraded our binoculars and joined the flock.  This Spring we have enjoyed the fact that our area is a popular spot for warblers and other birds migrating north to rest and refuel.  

Ever seeking connections between life and art, I also realize just how extensively the birds have infiltrated the walls and shelves here at Indigo Arts.  What follows is a sampling of these birds, depicted by artists from Brazil, Congo, Cuba, Haiti, India, Mexico, Nicaragua,Nigeria, Peru, Tanzania and Venezuela.

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Just Arrived!

Saint Ulrique/Agoue - Vodou Flag
Eveland Lalanne
Posted: 4 hours 41 min ago

Escenas Fantásticas (birds in the corn)
José Garcia Montebravo
Posted: 1 day 5 hours ago

Couple By the River (Papa Zaka)
Wilmino Domond
Posted: 1 day 6 hours ago

Kafou - Vodou Flag
Georges Valris
Posted: 1 day 9 hours ago