Gallery Services

At Indigo Arts Gallery we receive daily inquiries from people about works of art that they own. The questions are varied, but generally involve some combination of the following:
What is this?
Where is it from?
Who made it?
What is it worth?
Will you buy it?
Or Will you sell it for me?

Responding to all these inquiries has become very time-consuming, and we are well past the point where we can offer these services for free. Accordingly we have developed the following policies:

Consultation, Evaluation, Appraisals

There are many types of art and other objects in this world that we are simply not qualified to identify or evaluate, and we will tell you so. Indigo Arts Gallery will consult on artists or types of art that we carry or with which we are reasonably familiar. We can respond with a brief email for a minimum charge of $25. For a more extensive appraisal of the work(s), generally resulting in a written document issued by the gallery, which can be used for insurance or gift purposes, we charge on a basis of time and expenses, but at a minimum charge of $100. These minimum payments must be made in advance, by credit card or Paypal. If we are not able to examine the artwork directly our ability to do an appraisal will of course depend on the client’s provision of good photographs, dimensions and other documentation. We will be pleased to provide full details on the appraisal process, including rates, on request.

Purchase and Consignment

More often than not, we are not able to purchase your artwork outright. However, if it is of a type or by an artist which we reasonably think we have a market, we can list the piece(s) on the Indigo Arts Gallery website on a consignment basis. We will generally also notify potential clients of the availability of artworks by sending photos, emails and/or social media. Because the listing process is time-consuming and generally involves considerable photographic work, documentation and research as to value, etc. we charge a minimum of $40 for consignment listings (which would be credited back upon the sale).  Our commission rate is 40% of the net selling price, to be paid upon the completion of the sale. We will recommend an asking price for the artwork, on the basis of our experience and research. Upon the client’s acceptance of this we will carry the listing on our website for a minimum period, to be agreed upon. We will be pleased to provide full details on the consignment process on request.