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Tin Can Ornament

Recycled tin from assorted tin cans
(3"h. x 3 " d.)

SKU: rcv-14
20% off

$14 each $11.20 ea

Shoowa "Velvet" Raffia Panel #kc-72

mid-20th cent.
Premium Quality Raffia cloth panel flat-weave and cut-pile embroidery, natural dyes
(18 1/2" x 17")

SKU: kc-72
20% off

$195 $156

Diablito #2 Javier Gonzalez Gallosa

Javier Gonzalez Gallosa (Cienfuegos, Cuba),
Acrylic on Canvas (24 x 20), 2003

Price includes frame

SKU: JGG-0302
20% off

$ 850 $680

Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden

Alexandre Gregoire (Port-au-Prince, Haiti)
Oil on Board (16" x 12") with original hand-carved wood frame, c. 1970.

Purchased in Haiti by original owner, c. 1970.

SKU: AG-1901
20% off

$850 $680

Market Day

Oil on canvas (20 x 24), with original handcarved frame, 1969.

SKU: EZD-1901
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$1500 $1200

Herencia de Dios, y Herencia de Hombre - José Ignacio Fletes Cruz

José Ignacio Fletes Cruz (Leon, Nicaragua)
Acrylic on canvas (20 x 16), 2011

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$650 $520


Oil on canvas
(38" x 55 1/2"), 2006.
Provenance:  Private collection, purchased from the artist at La Sirena Gallery, Tucson, AZ, 2006.
Note:  Due to the size of this piece a professional art shipper is recommended.

SKU: RYGZ-2102
20% off

$4500 $3600

Esprit de Trois Tetes

Oil on board (24" x 24"), 1988
Framed as shown.  Purchased from Galerie Marassa, Petionville, Haiti.
Note:  This painting was donated by the collector to the non-profit organizatuon, Outreach to Haiti, and is offered for sale to raise funds for their charitable activities in Haiti.  You may learn more about that norganization at Outreach to Haiti.

SKU: LEX-1601
20% off

Price on Request

Gerard Fortuné - Woman in Red

Gerard Fortuné (Port-au-Prince, Haiti)
Oil on canvas (30x24), 1995.  Canvas unstretched.  Will ship rolled.

SKU: GF-9511
20% off

$550 $440

Borromeo Juchuna Otzoy - San Juan Comalapa, Chimaltenago

By Borromeo Juchuña Otzoy - San Juan Comalapa, Chimaltenago, Guatemala, c.1995.
Oil on Canvas.
(8" x 10")

SKU: BJO-9501
20% off

$165 $132

Anil Bariya - Antelope with Three Birds

Anil Bariya - Patangarh, Madhya Pradesh State, India
Acrylic on canvas
(27" h. x 37" w. )

SKU: ANB-1211
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$750 $600

Dambalah - Vodou Flag

 Evelyn Alcide (Port-au-Prince, Haiti)
Sequins and beads on fabric (15 1/2" x 18 1/2"),
This flag is extremely densely beaded and sequinned (and thus extremely heavy), in the manner of the artists Constant and Simeon.
This flag is being sold by Judy Hoffman for the benefit of the Art Creation Foundation for Children, which she founded in Jacmel, Haiti.


SKU: AC-1501
20% off

$395 $316

Mother and Child

Oil on canvas (24" x 16"), 1973 Framed in original frame.
Purchased in Port-au-Prince in 1973.
Ex. collection of George and Theodora Mathues.  Excellent condition, but some white paint on surface from previous frame, as shown in photos.  Custom-framed.

SKU: PSV-1401
20% off

$ 3,800 $3,040

Mossi Bird Mask

Mossi people, Burkina Faso
wood w/ mineral pigments
( 11" h. x 7" w. x 12 1/2" d.)

Price includes custom stand

SKU: afm-72
20% off

$625 $500

Bamana Chiwara Antelope Headdress

mid-20th century
Wood with organic/mineral patina
(17 3/4" h. x 2" w. x 6" d.)

Price includes base

SKU: afs-074
20% off

$600 $480

Bamana Hyena Mask

Bamana people, Mali, mid-20th cent.
Wood with oil paints
(18 1/2"h. x 7 1/2" w. x 5 3/4" d.)

SKU: afm-41
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$450 $360

Central Azucarero

Osvaldo Castillo (Santiago de Cuba, Cuba)
Oil on canvas (18x25), 2000

SKU: Castillo-2
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$575 $460

Imbenge Telephone Wire Basket (bowl shape)

by Masithole - South Africa
Recycled telephone wire (10"d. x 2 3/4" h)

SKU: zwb-208
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$110 $88

Imbenge Telephone Wire Basket (bowl shape)

Recycled telephone wire (9 1/2"w x 3 1/4" h)

SKU: zwb-286
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$95 $76

El Hombre del Carreton - José Ignacio Fletes Cruz

José Ignacio Fletes Cruz (Leon, Nicaragua)
Acrylic on canvas (16 x 20), 2011

20% off

$625 $500