The Indigo Arts website has remained active over the last year and a half despite the widespread shutdowns due to the COVID-19 virus.   I have been able to resume regular operations.  I am able to pack and ship most orders within a few days.   Shipping times have increased during this period.  The gallery is open to visitors on an appointment only basis and according to city masking regulations.   Please phone or email ahead.  

Note:  USPS service remains very  slow.   I don't recommend it if you are in a hurry.   Please note also that USPS shipping estimates include little or no insurance, which we must charge separately.
Please stay safe!


In exhibiting the diverse arts of Africa, Indigo Arts Gallery draws on fifty-eight years of involvement with the continent. Our inventory includes a variety of traditional African arts as well as contemporary fine art.

Many pieces from Indigo Arts are featured in the books The Spirit of African Design, by Sharne Algotsson and Denys Davis, and African Style: Down to the Details, by Sharne Algottson. These and other Books about African Art can be ordered from this site.

African Furniture and Household Objects
African Vessels
Aluminum Relief Sculptures from Nigeria
Barack Obama Khanga Cloth from Tanzania
Barber Shop and Trade Signs from Africa
Baskets by Genocide Survivors in Rwanda
Baskets from Botswana
Baskets from Uganda
Batik and Indigo Tie-dye T-shirts by Gasali Adeyemo of Nigeria
Batik and Tie-dye Scarves by Gasali Adeyemo of Nigeria
Beaded Animals and Dolls from Capetown, South Africa
Bogolanfini Mud-Cloth from Mali and Burkina Faso
Bogolanfini Mud-Cloth Scarves and Runners
Miniature Lion Coffin
Folk Sculpture from Africa
Fon Applique Banners from Benin
Head Rests from Africa
Ikung and Ju/'Hoansi Bushman Linotype Prints
Indigo Textiles from West Africa
Kavango Baskets from Namibia
Kente Cloth from Ghana
Kente Cloth Pillows from Ghana
Khoi-San Paintings & Prints from Botswana
Kuba Cloth Pillows
Kuba Textiles from the Congo
Makenge Baskets from Zambia
Mbuti Pygmy Bark-Cloth from the Congo
Miniature Sign Paintings from Africa
Ndebele Dolls from South Africa
Nigerian Artists of the Oshogbo School
Nigerian Graphic Art:  1960's Workplace Safety Posters
Outsider Art from the Ivory Coast
Painting and Drawings from Kenya
Painting from Sudan
Paintings from Ghana (Obama)
Paintings from the Congo
Prints and Multiples from Nigeria
Psikelekedana Wood Carvings from Mozambique
Recycled Art and Toy Bazaar
Recycled Flip-Flop sculptures from Kenya
Recycled Metal Wall Sculpture from Zimbabwe
Recycled Soda-Can Animals from Zimbabwe
Reverse-Glass Painting from Senegal
Samburu Beaded Baskets from Kenya
Sequinned Banners by Valentin Valris and William Adjété Wilson
Sisal Baskets from Swaziland
Steel Sculpture from Benin
Telephone Wire Baskets & Objects from South Africa
Tie-Dye and Batik Textiles from West Africa
Tinga Tinga Paintings from Tanzania
Tonga and Nambya Baskets from Zimbabwe
Tribal Masks from Africa
Tribal Sculpture from Africa
Vintage Asafo Flags from Ghana
Wood Sculpture from Zimbabwe
Yoruba Ashoké Cloth from Nigeria.
Zulu Dolls from South Africa