Over the last year the Indigo Arts website has remained active despite the widespread shutdowns due to the COVID-19 virus.   Under current rules I have been able to resume operations but must limit visitors to the gallery, by appointment only.   I am able to pack and ship most orders within a few days.   Shipping times have increased during this period.  

Note:  USPS has been so slow that we still recommend avoiding it entirely, at least for the present.  Parcels sent by 2 or 3 Day Priority Mail can take 2 to 4 weeks to arrive.
Please stay safe in these difficult times.  
We wish you all a healthier, saner and more civil 2021.

Asia & Pacific

Indigo Arts exhibits a wide range of contemporary and antique artworks from Asia. Our mask collection includes vintage dance masks from Bali, Java and Timor in Indonesia, and shaman's masks and Hindu festival masks from Nepal. Our inventory also includes a variety of folk and tribal paintings from India - Mithila paintings from Bihar, Patua or Patachitra scrolls from West Bengal, and paintings by the Gond and Bhil tribal groups in Madhya Pradesh. Our gallery features Wayang Kulit shadow puppets and Wayang Golek wood puppets from Java, and religious sculptures from Bali, Thailand, Burma, China and India. Our textile collection includes ikats and batiks from Indonesia, silk saris from India, and silk sarongs from Thailand and Cambodia.

"Wayang Kulit" Shadow Puppets from Indonesia
Art from the Tsunami
Baiga Tribal Paintings from Madhya Pradesh State
Bandhani Tie-dye Scarves from Gujarat, India
Bhil Paintings from Madhya Pradesh State
Glass Bangle Art from India
Gond Paintings from Madhya Pradesh State
Hindu Gods and Goddesses Ornaments
Indigo Tie-dye Textiles from China
Landscapes of Nepal
Masks from Bali
Masks from Nepal
Masks from Tibet
Mithila Paintings from Bihar
Papier Maché Masks from Cheriyal, India
Patua Paintings from West Bengal
Patua Story Scrolls of West Bengal
Rajastani Puppets from India
Recycled Art and Toy Bazaar
Santhal Jadupatua Scrolls from Bihar
Sculpture and Masks from New Guinea
Sculpture from Timor
Textiles from Central Asia
Textiles from Laos - Indigo and other Natural Dyes
Thangka Paintings from Tibet and Nepal
Tribal Textiles from India
A Warli painting by Jivya Soma Mashe, Thane District, Maharashtra, India.
Yam Masks from New Guinea
Yao Scrolls and Paintings from Vietnam