Indigo Arts is proud to represent artworks from a number of prestigious art collections.

Nancy Josephson Collection

Nancy Josephson, a New York City native born in 1955, gave up a career as a musician to create art that embodies Haitian themes. A spiritual follower of Vodou, Josephson traveled to Haiti a dozen times in the past decade to prepare for her initiation as a Vodou priestess. LaSiren, who embodies the ocean's dual qualities of strength and serenity, is her "met tet," or "head" spirit.

Judy Hoffman - Art Creation Foundation for Children

Judy Hoffman founded the non-profit Art Creation Foundation for Children in Jacmel, Haiti in 1999.  This year Judy has offered a collection of fine Haitian drapo (Vodou flags) and paintings for sale.  A portion of the proceeds will be donated for the benefit of this inspiring foundation, which states its mission as  "EMPOWERING STUDENTS TO CHANGE THEIR WORLD THROUGH ART".

Mary Sue and Paul Peter Rosen

Mary Sue Rosen is a member of the Writing Program faculty of The New School in New York City and Paul Peter Rosen, MD is Emeritus Professor of Pathology at the Weill Cornell Medical College in New York City. For many years, they have collaborated on collecting African art and writing numerous catalogs for exhibitions from their collection.

Jonathan Demme Collection

Marilyn Houlberg Collection

The Virgil Young Collection

We are pleased to be able to offer for sale a selection of vintage vodou flags, bottles and other artifacts from the famed Virgil Young Collection. The late Virgil Young was a visionary collector, who collected the art and artifacts of Haitian Vodou at a time when few others were interested. He collected in Haiti, for the most part directly from the Vodou temples, from about 1980 to 1993.