Eye Okin (King of the Birds) 

Eye Okin (King of the Birds) 
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Asiru Olatunde (1922-1993), Oshogbo, Nigeria
c. 1990
Hammered aluminum relief.
(8" h x 18 1/2"w)

Asiru Olatunde

Asiru Olatunde (1918–1993)

Like his father and grandfather before him, Asiru Olatunde (1918–1993) was a blacksmith. Illness forced him to give up blacksmithing and for a time he made jewelry to sell in the market. In 1961, encouraged by Susanne Wenger and Ulli Beier, Olatunde began to create figures of animals out of recycled copper and aluminum. His work evolved into a unique repoussé (reverse hammered technique) on aluminum panels. 

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