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Ibeji figure

Ibeji figure - Yoruba
Ibeji figure - Yoruba
Ibeji figure - Yoruba
Ibeji figure - Yoruba
Ibeji figure - Yoruba
Ibeji figure - Yoruba
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mid-20th century.
Wood with organic & mineral pigments.
(9" h. x 3 1/4" w. x 3 1/4" d.),

The Yoruba have the highest incidence of twinning in the world. Because twins tend to have a low birth weight, they have a high infant mortality rate. In Yoruba belief deceased twins may try to lure their living twins to the world of the dead. To appease them, carved figured of the dead rendered in adult form were cared for like real children. They were washed, fed, and dressed with beads and taken out to be danced on public occasions. Treated with respect, they bring good fortune to their families: mistreated, they may cause poverty, illness, and even death.  (Yale University Art Gallery)

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