Indigo Head-scarf by Aissata Namoko

Indigo Head-scarf by Aissata Namoko
Indigo Head-scarf by Aissata Namoko
SKU: IND-129

Cotton fabric tie-dyed with natural indigo dye. (80" x 10")
Traditionally worn in Mali as a head-scarf,  these scarves can be used for any scarf need.

Malian indigo artist Aissata Namoko (Photograph © Anthony Hart Fisher 2017).

Aissata Namoko founded Cooperative Djiguiyaso, based in Bamako, Mali. Aissata and the artists of the cooperative use locally grown organic cotton and make pillows, scarves, and home accessories using traditional bogolan tie-dyed with indigo.

The organization is made up of 143 women and 20 men who are fighting poverty through creation and sale of textiles.  Since 1994, the coop has helped women transition to the workplace. Aissata established a training center to teach sewing, cutting, traditional cotton spinning, and natural dyeing techniques.