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Kuba "Ikula" Knife

Kuba "Ikula" Knife
Kuba "Ikula" Knife
Kuba "Ikula" Knife
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Kuba people, Democratic Republic of the Congo, early 20th century.
Iron blade with carved wood handle.
(13” h. x 2 5/8” w. x 2” d.)

Per Wikipedia:
An ikul or ikula is a knife or a short sword of the Kuba of the Democratic Republic of Congo.
The ikul consists of a leaf-shaped blade (iron or copper or wood) and a wooden handle finished with a round knob with sometimes decorative inlays. The blade has a well-marked central edge and can be decorated with engravings.  They are ceremonial knives, some of which are made solely of wood (handle and blade) and richly decorated.

The ikul are about 35 centimetres long. According to tradition, King Shyaam aMbul aNgoong would have introduced the ikul in the seventeenth century after a long period of war. The king would then have forbidden the shongo sword to replace it with the ikul, a symbol of peace.

Ex. collection of Jonathan W. Fisher
ex. Indigo Arts Gallery, c.1990.

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