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Marketplace Toys and Dolls

PLEASE NOTE: These may be "toys" but they are not suitable for children!

Recycled Potato Chip Bag Chickens (small)
SKU: RC-80s

Recycled plastic potato-chip & snack-food bags & wire.
Assorted colors.
(approx. 4 1/2 "l. x 4 1/2" h.)


Recycled Plastic Bag Pig - small
SKU: RC-81s

Recycled plastic bags & wire
(approx. 4 "l. x 3" h.)


Sheep Ornament

Hand-made in South Africa by artists from Zimbabwe - from steel wire, telephone wire and glass beads.
(2" h. x 2 1/4" w. x 3 1/2" d.)


Tin Roses
SKU: rc-15

Rose made of tin from recycled tin cans, with barbed wire stem.  Come in assorted colors.
Large (18"l. x 2 1/2" diam.)

$18 each

Sardine-can Kalimba
SKU: rc-78

Recycled sardine-can, wire, wood
(4"l. x 2 1/4" w. x 1 3/4" h.)


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Temporarily out of stock
Tin Can Frog
SKU: rc-74

Recycled wire, tin or aluminum cans with glass marble eyes
Come in assorted colors (orange soda can shown)
(approx. 6" long)

10% off

$19 each $17.10 ea

Tin Can Alligator
SKU: rc-75

Recycled wire, tin or aluminum cans with glass marble eyes
Come in assorted colors (blue soda can shown)
(approx. 10" long)

10% off

$19 each $17.10 ea

Mini Bicycles
SKU: rcv-79

Recycled tin cans, wire, rubber, plastic
(Approx. 6 3/4"l. x 1 3/4" w. x 3 3/4" h.)
Assorted colors - red, blue, green.


Madagascar Mini-Cars
SKU: rcv-78

Recycled tin cans, wire, plastic.
(+/- 1 1/2" l. x 3/4" w. x 3/4" h.)
Vehicles come in assorted makes, colors and tin-can types.
Sold in sets of three assortred cars.

$15 for 3 cars

Ndebele Rasta Child Doll

Ndebele People - South Africa
Cotton fabric, glass beads, plastic "wire"
(4 1/2" h.)    Assorted colors and designs.

$14 each

Madagascar Biplane Ornament

Recycled tin cans, wire, plastic.
(3 1/2" l. x 3 1/2" w. x 1 1/2" h.)
Airplanes come in assorted colors and tin-can types.


Novios Muertos 4

Painted clay figures with fabric, etc.
(3 1/4" h. x 1 1/2" w. x 1" d.)
Exact designs vary.


Recyled Soda Can Animal Ornaments

Hand-made from recycled aluminum soda cans
Animals come assorted (buffalo, elephant, giraffe, hippo, lion, rhino, etc.)
(approx. 3" to 6" h. x 2 1/2' to 5 1/2" l.)

$11 each

Burkina Tin Bugs (small)
SKU: TinBugsm

Recycled tin cans and wire (5"l. x 2" h)
Made from insecticide cans!
Assorted colors & designs
(3 1/2" to 5"l.)

$9.50 each

Motor Scooter Ornament
SKU: rcv-13-orn

Recycled wire, tin & aluminum cans
Assorted colors (Sprite, Coke, Pepsi, Orangina etc..
(4 "l. x 3" h.)

$9 each