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Ocean Blessed Family
Ocean Blessed Family
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Twins Seven-Seven (1944- 2011), Oshogbo, Nigeria
Acrylic, ink on canvas
(31" h. x 15 3/4"w.)  Framed

Prince Twins Seven-Seven, 2003 (photo courtesy of the artist).

Prince Twins Seven-Seven was born Taiwo Olaniyi Oyewale-Toyeje Oyelale Osuntoki in 1944 in Ijara, Nigeria. The sole survivor of seven successive sets of twins, he renamed himself Ibeji Meje-Meje, or "Twins Seven-Seven". As a member of a royal lineage of the Yoruba people he later took the title of prince. Seven-Seven was one of the original artists of the famed Oshogbo School (named for the city of that name), which arose in the newly independent Nigeria of the early 1960's.

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