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Eliseo Benitez Flores

About the Artist

Eliseo Benitez Flores
Eliseo Benitez Flores

Eliseo Benitez Flores is the son of the late Huichol master artist José Benitez Sanchez (1938 - 2009).


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The Sacred Mirror of the Gods
SKU: EBF-2301

Comunidad Indigena de Zitakua, Nayarit, Mexico, c. 1990s.
Yarn pressed into beeswax on plywood.  
(23 1/2" x 23 1/2" , 60cm x 60cm).  

Provenance:  private collection, Arizona.
Note: the owner of this yarn painting is particularly interested in selling it in combination with a companion piece by Eliseo's father, José Benitez Sanchez:
Please inquire about details.


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The Snake Gods - Guardians of the Sacred Places
SKU: EBF-1601

Comunidad Indigena de Zitakua, Nayarit, Mexico, c. 1990
Yarn pressed into beeswax on plywood.  With black aluminum frame. 
(23 1/2" x 23 1/2" , 60cm x 60cm).  Framed dimensions:  24" x 24" x 1".  

Provenance:  Current owner purchased c.1994 from Mark Lang, the collector who provided the 31 José Benitez Sanchez (father of Eliseo Benitez Sanchez) paintings now in the collection of the University of Pennsylvania Museum, documented in the book Visions of a Huichol Shaman by Dr. Peter Furst (2003).  It was purchased from artist in approximately 1990.

The text written on the back of the painting has been (badly) translated as follows:
"Here we see the sacred _ the world of our gods who were sent by our founder goddess "Takutsi Nakawe" who from the first moment our first world was established. She had to carry out to redesignate the four cardinal points in which she existed as power before _ the flood. Therefore her bastion of power established the four cardinal points and there with control and power is first established the representative center of our birth and after it the four cardinal points. To the snakes gods guardians of the holy places. For the _ of we the Huichols and carry the tradition and culture of our ancestors."



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