Igbo people

Indigo Arts has moved upstairs to a space on the fourth floor of the Crane Building.  I am still arranging things up here but I am open on a "by appointment or by chance" basis.  I am usually in the building from Wednesday through Saturday from 12 to 6, but it is definitely best to phone or email first. Meanwhile, the Indigo Arts online gallery is operating as usual.  
Please feel free to contact me with any questions in the mean time.

Igbo Water Buffalo Mask
SKU: AFM-109

Igbo people, Nigeria.  Mid 20th century.
Wood w/ mineral pigments, oil paint.  Stand not included.
(13 1/2" h. x 11" w. x 16" d.)
Signed "SPOILAR" on back.

Ikenga Figure Igbo
SKU: afs-02

mid-20th century
wood with remnants of white and green pigment (25"h. x 6"w. x 7" d.)

$1,200 (w custom stand)
Igbo Mwuo (Maiden-spirit) Mask

Igbo people, Nigeria
wood w/ mineral pigments, oil paint
(18 1/2" h. x 8 3/4" w. x 13" d.)

$950 (w/ custom stand)
Ibibio Sickness Mask
SKU: afm93

Igbo people, Nigeria
wood w/ mineral pigments
(10" h. x 6 1/4" w. x 4 1/4" d.)

$750 (on stand)
Igbo Headpiece
SKU: AFM-101

Igbo people, Nigeria
wood w/ kaolin, mineral pigments, fragments of cotton fabric costume at base
(25" h. x 7 1/2" w. x 8 1/2" d.)

  Igbo Ikenga Shrine figure

Ikenga Igbo shrine figure, Nigeria.  Mid-20th century.
Wood with organic encrustation.
(20" h. x 7" w. x 6" d.)

Igbo Mask
SKU: afm-49

Igbo people, Nigeria
wood w/ oil paint, fabric, rubber inner-tube,
(13 1/4"h. x 10 1/2"w. x 8"d.)

Igbo Mask
SKU: afm-65

Igbo people, Nigeria
wood w/ mineral pigments
( 10 3/4" h. x 8" w. x 5 1/4" d.)

Igbo Mask
SKU: afm23

Igbo people, Nigeria
wood w/ oil enamels (12 1/2"h. x 5"w. x 5"d.),

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