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Igbo people

About the Artist

Igbo Water Buffalo Mask
SKU: AFM-109

Igbo people, Nigeria.  Mid 20th century.
Wood w/ mineral pigments, oil paint.  Stand not included.
(13 1/2" h. x 11" w. x 16" d.)
Signed "SPOILAR" on back.


Ikenga Figure Igbo
SKU: afs-02

mid-20th century
wood with remnants of white and green pigment (25"h. x 6"w. x 7" d.)

$1,200 (w custom stand)

  Igbo Ikenga Shrine figure

Ikenga Igbo shrine figure, Nigeria.  Mid-20th century.
Wood with organic encrustation.
(20" h. x 7" w. x 6" d.)


Igbo Buffalo Mask

Includes stand

30% off

$900 $630

Igbo Headpiece
SKU: AFM-101

Igbo people, Nigeria
wood w/ kaolin, mineral pigments, fragments of cotton fabric costume at base
(25" h. x 7 1/2" w. x 8 1/2" d.)

20% off

$750 $600

Ibibio Sickness Mask
SKU: afm93

Igbo people, Nigeria
wood w/ mineral pigments
(10" h. x 6 1/4" w. x 4 1/4" d.)

Price includes stand

30% off

$750 $525

Igbo Mask
SKU: afm-49

Igbo people, Nigeria
wood w/ oil paint, fabric, rubber inner-tube,
(13 1/4"h. x 10 1/2"w. x 8"d.)

20% off

$325 $260

Igbo Mask
SKU: afm-65

Igbo people, Nigeria
wood w/ mineral pigments
( 10 3/4" h. x 8" w. x 5 1/4" d.)

25% off

$325 $243.75

Old Igbo mask
SKU: AFM-2210

Igbo people, Nigeria, early to mid-20th century.
Wood w/ organic patina (13" h. x 9" w. x 6 3/4" d.).

Ex. collection of Jonathan W. Fisher
Purchased c. 1970. 

Note:  Mask has been extensively used.  Mask is in found condition with erosion of face on sides and some repairs, as shown in photos.

Price on Request

Igbo Mwuo (Maiden-spirit) Mask

Igbo people, Nigeria
wood w/ mineral pigments, oil paint
(18 1/2" h. x 8 3/4" w. x 13" d.)

Includes Custom Stand

20% off

$950 $760

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Igbo Mask
SKU: afm23

Igbo people, Nigeria
wood w/ oil enamels (12 1/2"h. x 5"w. x 5"d.),

20% off


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