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I will be traveling out of state for the last week of February and, due to quarantine rules, will not be able to welcome visitors to the gallery for the week before and after (February 15th to March 6th).  But the Indigo Arts website will be active as always, and I will be able to ship orders out except during the week from February 21st to March 1st.

Oveer the last year the Indigo Arts website has remained active despite the widespread shutdowns due to the COVID-19 virus.   Under current rules I have been able to resume operations but must limit visitors to the gallery, by appointment only.   I am able to pack and ship most orders within a few days.   Shipping times have increased during this period.  USPS has been so slow that we recommend avoiding it entirely, at least for the present.  Parcels sent by 2 or 3 Day Priority Mail may take 2 to 4 weeks to arrive.
Please stay safe in these difficult times.  
We wish you all a healthier, saner and more civil 2021.

Raymundo Gonzalez

About the Artist

Raymundo Gonzalez
Raymundo Gonzalez

Raymundo Gonzalez was born in Guadalajara, Mexico on February 4, 1950.  As a child he was exposed to the rich supply of architectural, cultural, and artistic displays that were part of his hometown.  Borrowing from the influences of Guadalajara, it is no surprise that Gonzalez pursued a life and career in the arts.  Soon after receiving a degree in Art at the Academy of Art in Veracruz, Gonzalez graduated from the Autonomous University of Morelos School of Architecture.  He began practicing architecture but continued painting and drawing all the while and ultimately made the transition from architect to full-time artist.  Gonzalez currently lives and works in Cuernavaca, Mexico.  He has participated in a number of exhibits in Mexico, Ireland, and the United States.  He has a permanent collection in Puerto Vallarta.  

SKU: RYGZ-2101

Oil on canvas
(24" x 30"), 2006.
Provenance:  Private collection, purchased from the artist at La Sirena Gallery, Tucson, AZ, 2006.


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