Behold my Miracle

Behold my Miracle
Behold my Miracle
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Fred Carter (1911 - 1992, Clintwood, Virginia),
Walnut sculpture
(55" x 20"), c.1980

I was back, at Easter (1980), in the mountains, and a fellow was sawing up firewood. Now this was part of a walnut log... cut down 40 or 50 years ago... There was a limb going up through here about 10 feet long... I said, “Don’t cut that up for wood... I see something in this that I want to make... I see a pregnant woman... So I brought it home and began to look at it... the wood began to talk to me and tell me what it is...
So I will probably call this Behold My Miracle. That’s what the mother is saying,... “Behold me in the greatest moment of the miracle. 

Fred Carter, from 1985 interview.

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