Pierre-Joseph Valcin with "Eden" in 1994.
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Pierre-Joseph Valcin (Port-au-Prince, Haiti)
Oil on Canvas (36 x 24), c.1994.  Framed.
From private collection.

Pierre-Joseph Valcin, c.1994

Pierre-Joseph Valcin was born in Port-au-Prince in 1925. Valcin worked as a mechanic and stone mason before becoming a painter. Valcin began to paint after he was introduced to the Centre d’Art by his half-brother, the late painter Gerard Valcin, in 1959. Gerard Valcin instructed Pierre-Joseph for his first year at the Centre d’Art. While much of his work owes a debt to Gerard’s instruction, it was always looser, less stylized and more intuitive than his master’s. Pierre-Joseph continued to paint through the 1990’s. He passed away in 2000.

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