La Sirene

Indigo Arts' Philadelphia gallery space will be closed during the month of April as I move upstairs to a new space on the fourth floor of the Crane Building.  I hope to be up and running again in May, on a "by appointment or by chance" basis.  Meanwhile, the Indigo Arts online gallery will be operating as usual, though shipments may be delayed a bit.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions in the mean time.



SKU: VB-MCSirene

Sequins and beads on fabric
(27 x 34), c. 2002

Born in 1968 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Constant is married and the mother of four children. She has been making flags since about 1990. Constant is the acknowleged leader of the new style of vodou flag artists, creating ornate and incredibly densely beaded flags, often much larger (some as large as six by seven feet!) than traditional flags. The flags are much more painterly than traditional flags, often showing side views ofm figures and even employing perspective.

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