Pushpa Kumari
Pushpa Kumari
Pushpa Kumari

Pushpa Kumari - Mithila, Bihar, India
Ink on paper
(12 1/2" h. x 16" w. ) framed

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Photograph by Édouard Boubat - Mithila, India 1973

Perhaps the best known genre of Indian folk paintings are the Mithila (also called Madhubani) paintings from the Mithila region of northern Bihar state, as well as the region across the border in Nepal. For centuries the women of Mithila have decorated the walls of their houses with intricate, linear designs on the occasion of marriages and other ceremonies, Painting is a key part of the education of Mithila women, culminating in the painting of the walls of the kohbar, or nuptial chamber on the occasion of a wedding.

Pushpa Kumari

Pushpa Kumari:  Upending Tradition

Lines on a page, deliberately rendered, brings to light a world imagined by Pushpa Kumari. Using only a pen and ink on paper, Kumari visualizes a domain energized by religion, heritage, astute observations and a highly intuitive personal sensitivity.