Pink Blossom

D. R. Mullins (Shady Valley, Tennessee),
D. R. Mullins (Shady Valley, Tennessee),

Latex paint on plywood
(25" x 20"), 2011

Artist DR Mullins with Vickie Carter Fleming at Ghost Rock, Fred and Vickie Carter's southwest Virginia home. June 2011. (Photograph © Anthony Hart Fisher 2011).

Biography - D. R. Mullins
Born in 1958 in Alexandria, Virginia.

D.R. Mullins grew up in the coal-mining town of Clintwood, Virginia. His grandfather and many of his relatives were coal miners, but D.R. spent enough summers working in the mines to know he didn’t want to follow their path. D.R.' s father was a high school teacher, coach and administrator. For a number of years the family lived in Alexandria and Fairfax, in northern Virginia.

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