Quo Vadis?

Quo Vadis?
Quo Vadis?
Quo Vadis?
Quo Vadis?
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Quo Vadis
Fred Carter (1911 - 1992, Clintwood, Virginia)
Currently on exhibit at Emory and Henry College, Emory, Va.
White walnut sculpture, c.1985

Not for Sale (private collection)

Quo Vadis was a big white walnut tree. Standing and had a big fork that stuck up. Came a March wind and blew it down. I saw a thing there on the ground just all stretched out. I just looked at that tree and I saw a crucified force there. And that very day I got my chain saw and I cut it big and I drug it up to the front of there and I went to work on it. And I saw that thing just while it was down. Where goest thou? He's a mutant and he's in great trouble. It seems like everything is crying out. What is evil and wasteful is man.
Fred Carter, from 1985 interview.

Not for sale