White Jaguar #1

White Jaguar #1
SKU: TI-1701

Titra (Jean Fatreuse Delva) (Haiti)
Acrylic on canvas board (8" x 10"), c. 1995

Ti Tra, born Jean Fatreuse Delva, was a naif painter who lived in Port-au-Prince.  His mother gave him the nickname "Ti Tra", which means "Little Trash", as a child.  He bore the name gacefully for his whole life.  For many years he worked at the legendary gallery of Issa-el-Saieh, as a gatekeeper, gardener, gallery assistant and general handyman.  He assisted as many Haitian artists and countless artworks came and went, packed artwork to carry, and before long took up painting himself.  He created many lovely works, mostly of animals.