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Fito (Adolfo Flores Gonzalez)

About the Artist

Fito (Adolfo Flores Gonzalez)
Fito (Adolfo Flores Gonzalez)

Born - September 9, 1960; Cienfuegos, Cuba
Biography - Trained as a teacher of English, 'Fito' began to paint on the side in 1985. He was a founding member in 1983 of the Grupo de Artistas Primitivos 'Tarea al Sur', a group of self-taught "primitivo" painters in Cienfuegos.
Exhibitions - Participated in group exhibitions in Barcelona, Spain, as well as in Havana, Cienfuegos and other Cuban cities. Individual exhibits of his work in Cienfuegos since 1986, including "Erotismo en Blanco y Negro" in Cienfuegos, February, 2000.

Fito (Adolfo Flores Gonzalez)
SKU: AFG-0016

(Cienfuegos, Cuba)
Oil on canvas (27x35), 1999

$690 $517.50

Fito (Adolfo Flores Gonzalez)
SKU: Fito-2

Oil on Canvas
(20x20), 2000

$450 $337.50

Desayuno Tropical
SKU: AFG-012

(Cienfuegos, Cuba)
Oil on canvas (23 1/2 x 19 1/2), 1999

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