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Sebastien Jean

About the Artist

Sebastien Jean
Sebastien Jean
Sebastien Jean (photo downloaded from Facebook)
Sebastien Jean (photo downloaded from Facebook)
Sebastien Jean (photo downloaded from Facebook)
Sebastien Jean (photo downloaded from Facebook)

Sébastien Jean was born on 17 March 1980 in Thomassin, Haiti.  He passed away, far too young, on November 24, 2020.

Self-taught painter and sculptor, encouraged by his mother, he began drawing and painting at the age of 13, mainly on bamboo stalks. In 2004, he abandoned the practice of artisanal painting to risk the artistic experience of painting on canvas. From then on, his sensitivity finds the tone. The practice of masks, costumes and sets of carnival seems to have nourished his taste for fantasy. Animated with a great potential energy and a free and active imaginary, Sébastien discovers a field of representation that allows him to express deeply his feelings, that of the anthropomorphic bestiary. Disturbing image, from which he derives maximum expressive resources. A singular universe populated by predatory monsters, birds of prey, wandering phantoms. A spectral vision of a tormented world.

Sébastien very soon found himself on the international scene: Fondation Agnès b in Paris, 54th Venice Biennale, Global Caribbean III at the Cultural Center of Miami.Consecutive stays in residence of creation in the city of the Arts in Paris and in Limoges consolidate its acquired. His sculptures are made from objects of recovery. He paints large canvases and has developed an original technique by combining smoke black with color, giving his paintings a very particular chiaroscuro . (C.Raccurt, biographical summary, quoted by Atelier Jerome)

Sebastien Jean Born on March 17, 1980 in Thomassin (Haïti), Jean Sébastien lives and works in Haïti. In 2000, a visit to the exhibition of the artist Barbara Prézeau Stephenson gives birth to a new asthetic step in Sébastien’s work (…) « My work is inspired by crafts, particularly in the choice of the medium, sawdust, coffee grounds, sand. 2006 is an outstanding year ; his studio is destroyed by fire. Sébastien rescues from the fire what he is can, works it again, transfigures it and shows it at the Art Center of Jacmel. Then, with the support and the help of Mario Benjamin he shows his work at the French Institute of Port au Prince. The exhibition is a real success, his paintings where the black of the smoke mingles with colours are questionning and he gains the attention and the support of the Monnin Gallery in Petionville. In November 2010 he takes part in the exhibition « Caribbean Vibrations » at the Montparnasse Museum, then, some weeks later he is invited by the Egregore Gallery in Marmande where he shows his paintings and sculptures. From then on, his work becomes international. In April 2011, he takes part in a collective exhibition « Haïti Realm of this world », a tribute to Jean-Michel Basquiat and Edouard Glissant, showed in Paris by the Agnès b Foundation , then at the 54th Biennial event of Venice and finally in Miami. He also was in artistic residence at the Vieux Château. (Olivia Breleur, director of Maëlle galerie)


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SKU: SBJN-1701

Port-au-Prince, Haiti, 2017
Ink, acrylic, mixed media on paper (16 1/2" x 11 3/4").  Framed.

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