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"Bossou" Sequinned Denim Jacket

"Bossou" Sequinned Denim Jacket - Back
"Bossou" Sequinned Denim Jacket - Front
"Bossou" Sequinned Denim Jacket - Front
"Bossou" Sequinned Denim Jacket - Back
"Bossou" Sequinned Denim Jacket - Back
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Unusual jacket decorated by sequins and beads to depict the Vodou "lwa" Bossou, in the form of a bull's head.  Attributed to Antoine Oleyant,  the most original, celebrated and sought-after artist of the era.  Style of bull's head is characteristic of Oleyant's style as are the "pwen" star figures on the front and back of the jacket.  
Sequins and beads on Gap cotton denim jacket.
Size: small (women's).  
(26" h" x 61" w. with sleeves full extended)

Provenance:  purchased by current owner from Gloria Frank Gallery, NYC, c.1990.
Condition:  Excellent (two sequins missing on back).

SKU: AOL-2101

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