I will be out of town for two weeks from August 13th, and so will not be shipping or open for visitors at the gallery.   The Indigo Arts website will be active as always, I will respond to emails, and I will be able to ship orders after August  30th.

African Style: Down to the Details

November 1, 2000 to December 31, 2000

In November and December, 2000 we exhibited selections of our collection of fine African sculpture, masks, textiles and furniture as we celebrate the publication of the new book African Style: Down to the Details by Philadelphia designer, stylist and writer Sharne Algottson. Following on the success of her first book, Spirit of African Design written with Denys Davis, Sharne now offers a gorgeous, hands-on guide to decorating any home with the richness of Africa. "Today more and more of us are striving to bring personal meaning and beauty into our lives and homes. African style is the perfect way to express that joy in living, whether your look is formal, traditional, minimal, casual country, or eclectic."
If you weren't able to join us and Sharne Algotsson on First Friday, November 3rd, 2000 for the Philadelphia book-signing, you can still order either book directly from us, too (just phone or e-mail us). Signed copies of both books may still be available.

Bamana Rod Puppet
SKU: AFS-082

20th century
Traditional Bamana puppet on stand.  Wood, oil paint, fabric, with custom stand.
(28.5" h.l x 13" w. x 4" d.)
A similar puppet from the Rosen collection is shown on page 153 of their book The Colorful Sogo Bo Puppets of Mali.


Beaded "Tall Doll" with Baby from Capetown

By Phatiswe Ncopayi - Capetown, South Africa
Glass beads, cotton fabric.
(16 1/2" h. x 5" w. x 2" d.)


Beaded "Angel" Doll from Capetown

Capetown, South Africa
Glass beads, cotton fabric.
(6 1/2" h. x 4 1/2" w. x 1 1/4" d.)

$38 $34.20

"Faux Ivory" PVC Bracelets from Namibia - Slender Cuff

No elephants were harmed in the making of these bracelets!  These "faux ivory" bracelets are cut from recycled pvc plumbing pipe by Himba artisans in Namibia.  The outer surface is blackened and traditional designs are cut into the surface.  Cuff bracelets are 2 1/2" diameter but expand larger, and come in three widths.
Slender cuff:  1/2" wide
Bracelets come in assorted designs.


Bamana Equestrian Figure
SKU: AFS-035

"Segou" style Bamana figure of man on horse.  20th century.
Wood with mineral pigments, organic encrustation, steel upholstery tack additions.
(20 1/2" h. x 4 1/2" w. x 9" d.)


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Imbenge Zulu "Hardwire"Wire Basket - geometric style
SKU: zwb604

Recycled telephone wire w/ steel wire core
(13"d x 4 1/2" h)


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Beaded "Tall Doll" with Baby

By Vuyokasi Khethani - Capetown, South Africa
Glass beads, cotton fabric.
(13" h. x 4" w. x 2" d.)


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