André Pierre 1916-2005

André Pierre, one of the giants of Haitian art, has joined the spirits. A houngan or vodou priest in the village of Croix-des-Missions, he became one of Haiti's greatest painters, considered by many the artistic heir to the houngan master painter, Hector Hyppolite.

Issa el Saieh 1919-2005

Issa was not a painter himself (although he was a very talented musician and bandleader), but nevertheless was one of the most important figures in Haitian art over the last fifty years.

UNESCO names Prince Twins Seven Seven Artist for Peace for 2005

We received the news that UNESCO had named Twins Seven-Seven its Artist for Peace for 2005.

Montu and Joba Chitrakar: Life is no scroll in the park

MINHAZZ MAJUMDAR (Craft Revival Trust, 2004)

José Garcia Montebravo at Indigo Arts!

We were privileged to host one of Cuba's leading self-taught artists, José Garcia Montebravo, on his visit to Philadelphia on Wednesday, July 17th, 2002.

Alexandre Gregoire 1922-2001

Perhaps the last great master of Haitian "primitive" art (the other being P.J. Valcin, below), Alexandre Gregoire passed away at his home in Jacmel, Haiti on July, 28, 2001.

Rodolfo Morales 1925-2001

One of the great masters of 20th century Mexican art, and a dear friend of ours, Rodolfo Morales passed away in January of 2001.

Rodolfo Morales Obituary (New York Times)

February 6, 2001

Rodolfo Morales, Painter of Peasant Life in Mexico, Dies at 75



I visited Cuba in February and March 2000, while people in both our countries had been worked into a frenzy over the fate of a six year old boy named Elian.