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Fred Carter - The Final Battle (detail)

Fred Carter at the William King Museum of Art


"Artist at Work: Carving Woodblock Prints in Brazil" - New York Times video about José Francisco Borges

The New York Times has just released a video tour of the workshop of legendary Brazilian artist José Francisco Borges.

A Visit to Maison Picassiette

We just returned from a trip to France.  Of many highlights, the one which I have most exhaustively photographed is our visit to La Maison Picassiette, in Chartres.

Hector Hyppolite, Birds and Flowers (1946-47), which was in the collection of Jonathan Demme before selling at auction in 2014. COURTESY MATERIAL CULTURE

A Farewell to Jonathan Demme

Yesterday we received the sad news of the passing of Jonathan Demme.

José Garcia Montebravo

Indigo Arts at 2017 New York Outsider Art Fair

We're back!
In Booth #19

January 19 - 22, 2017

Metropolitan Pavilion (Booth #19)
125 West 18th Street
New York, NY 10011

Lafortune FELIX 1933 – 2016

This news, passed on to us by the Toussaint Louverture Cultural Foundation:
 With deep sadness we learned Lafortune Felix passed away a few weeks ago in Haiti.
It’s a great loss for the art world in Haiti and abroad. 

Hurricane Matthew - A Fundraiser for Haiti

Hurricane Matthew has now passed through Haiti, and has been wreaking havoc elsewhere.  But it is clear that the damage and loss of life in Haiti has been devastating.

Claudio Jimenez Quispe at work in 2004.

"Peru retablo artist lifts the lid on traditional story boxes" - A BBC video tour of Claudio Jimenez Quispé's Studio

I was a bit slow in finding out about it, but the BBC has produced a very good video about Peruvian retablo master Claudio Jimenez Quispé and his work.  You can watch it at:  

Sankofa Exhibit at Wheaton Arts

Caribbean Carnival and Sankofa: Two shows featuring Arts of the Caribbean and the African Diaspora

Indigo Arts has loaned artworks to two exhibits now showing at the Wheaton Arts and Cultural Center, in Millville, N

This man was stretched out on a second floor wall in downtown Lima.

A Gallery of Peruvian Street Art

I am always intrigued by the street art I find when I travel, whether signage graphics, informal grafitti or intentional and officially sanctioned murals.  On my trip to Peru in April I had been tipped off by my friend Scott Rothstein, so I was particularly interested to see what I would find.