I will be out of town for two weeks from August 13th, and so will not be shipping or open for visitors at the gallery.   The Indigo Arts website will be active as always, I will respond to emails, and I will be able to ship orders after August  30th.

Exhibitions at Indigo Arts

May 5, 2000 to July 2, 2000

In May and June 2000 (May 5 - July 2, 2000) we showed Nicaraguan Self-Taught, a new collection of paintings by self-taught artists from Nicaragua.

April 1, 2000 to April 30, 2000

April 2000 we exhibited the work of New York artist Yhanna Coffin, with a show entitled Mud Women/Mud Men. The show included paintings in oil as well as the Mud Women/Mud Men series of works painted in the medium of mud on paper.

May 1, 1999 to September 1, 1999

In Summer 1999 Indigo Arts presented Cuba • Belize • Mexico, including paintings by self-taught Cuban artists Mario Mesa and Jose Garcia Montebravo, prints by artists from Oaxaca, Mexico, and paintings Tony collected on

Just Arrived!

Kingdom of Animals (horizontal)
Toyin Folorunso
Posted: 6 days 2 hours ago

Three Mamy Watas
Toyin Folorunso
Posted: 6 days 3 hours ago

The Agbogbo Bird
Toyin Folorunso
Posted: 6 days 4 hours ago

La Calavera Atletica - articulated skeleton
Claudio Jimenez Quispé
Posted: 1 week 2 hours ago