Ezene Domond

About the Artist

Ezene Domond
Ezene Domond
  • Ezene Domond was born October 16, 1956 in Jacmel. He attended Pinchinat High School along with his brother Urie Domond. Ezene studied painting with his uncle Wilmino Domond, as well as with the world famous Vodou artist Celestine Faustin. His love of nature and the county life is reflected in his work: wonderfully rendered landscapes and markets.
  • The various biographies of Ezene that we have seen state that he lives and works in the remote rural community of La Fond, but we have heard that he currently resides in the United States. 

[Biographic notes adapted from the Haitian Art Company, Key West, Florida.]

Market Day
SKU: EZD-1901

Oil on canvas (20 x 24), with original handcarved frame, 1969.

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