Alexandre Gregoire

I will be out of town from July 11th to 20th.  The gallery will not be open but the website will be working away as usual.  Orders will be shipped after July 20th.  I will be checking email mesages and should be able to repy  to inquiries.

Indigo Arts has moved upstairs to a space on the fourth floor of the Crane Building.  I am still arranging things up here but I am open on a "by appointment or by chance" basis.  I am usually in the building from Wednesday through Saturday from 12 to 6, but it is definitely best to phone or email first. Meanwhile, the Indigo Arts online gallery is operating as usual.  
Please feel free to contact me with any questions in the mean time.

Alexandre Gregoire (Port-au-Prince, Haiti)
SKU: AG-0402

Oil on Canvas
(24 x 32), c.1985

$ 3,600
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Returned to Consignor
Offering for the Spirits
SKU: AG-1201

Alexandre Gregoire (Port-au-Prince, Haiti)
Oil on Canvas (31 1/2 x 36), c. 1990

Ceremony in the Forest
SKU: AG-1203

Alexandre Gregoire (Port-au-Prince, Haiti)
Oil on Canvas (24 x 32), c. 1990

SKU: AG-0701

Oil on Canvas (20 x 9), c. 1980's
Ex. collection of Jonathan Demme

$ 950
SKU: AG1002

Oil on Canvas (24 x 32), c. 1980's

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